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Name:Chelsea Nox {} The Cheshire Cat {} A OUaT OC
Location:Storybrooke, Maine, United States of America
***Character RP Journal // Mun & Muse are over 18 // Currently Under Construction***

Chelsea “Chess” Nox
The Real Story
In Storybrooke: Chelsea “Chess” Nox
In Fairytale Land: The Cheshire Cat
Age: Late 20's-Early 30’s
Marital Status: Single
Hair Color:
Blonde (human)
Silver with Dark Stripes (cat)
Eye Color:
Green/Hazel (human)
Hazel/Gold (cat)
Height: 5'4

What to Do…Who to Trust
Occupation: Bartender/Waitress, The Rabbit Hole

Known Family:
Cheshire “Charles” Nox (father, deceased)
Ali-Rose Nox (mother, deceased)
Tarrant Cheshire Nox (twin brother, status unknown)

Shape-Shifting- A talent she can use at will (normally with little to no pain) most often taking the form of a cat. While in Fairytale Land, she often used this ability to "watch over" children (they tended to be more at ease with a cat); she could also talk.

Teleporting- Accompanied with a puff of blue smoke, this talent allows Chelsea to travel between the realms/words. Prior to the curse, she was most often found in Wonderland or the Enchanted Forest.

Empathy/Soul Reading and Projection- The more passive of her abilities, Chelsea has the option of "reading" the emotions of those around her. In regards to children she's meant to guide, Chelsea can also project their futures depending on the choices they make.
Before & After

Back in Fairytale Land, Chelsea was better known as "The Cheshire Cat" or one of them anyway. The ability to shape-shift having long been a family trait, as well as the ability to read people and then of course there’s the quirk of speaking in riddles. Seen as guardians they often influence the actions of children. Marked by tell-tale gem like eyes (usually blue, green or gold) they also wear a crystal blue pendant somewhere on their person.

Where their abilities came from, no one is quite sure, nor do they truly seem to care. All they do know is that with each generation the gifts have grown stronger. Chelsea’s father being the “original” cat that aided a young Alice during her time in Wonderland. Like her father, both Chelsea and her twin brother are able to teleport freely (appearing and disappearing in a puff of blue smoke) the twins however, are the first to do so between the worlds. It was during one such trip (just before Regina’s curse) that Tarrant was lost; effectively trapped or banished to another realm.

Neither fully good nor fully bad, the Cheshire’s sole purpose is to balance those around them; to help them find their true path.


Following Regina’s curse to Storybrooke Maine, the madness that Chelsea had once called home -and found comfort in- took over her life, though in a very dark way. The “cover story” being that her parents died in a fiery car crash (during which her father was also decapitated) when the twins were barely out their teens. For Chelsea, the grief manifested in the form of a drinking problem, one that continued on into adulthood and gained her a rather seedy reputation; namely her place of work, The Rabbit Hole.

Tarrant on the other hand, was said to have taken his parents deaths even harder than his sister. Or perhaps, he took it harder due to the combination of their deaths and her alcoholism. Either way, he soon appeared to fall into the same crowd as Chelsea, but didn’t remain there long, or in Storybrooke period, for that matter. Rumors swirled of a drug overdose but nothing was ever confirmed, nor was a body found, leading some to believe he simply left in attempt to start over somewhere new and free of guilt.

Following that abandonment, Chelsea’s only source of light seemed to come from her friendship with fellow wild child, Ruby Lucas and her godparents. The former really more of a co-dependent need than anything else, while the latter, the latter was little more ambiguous. Chelsea forming a close and protective bond -despite her sporadic visits- with their adoptive daughter Paige. The little girl, effectively becoming her reason for attempting sobriety and for the most part succeeding; at least in recent years.

Once awakened and able to tap into her powers, Chelsea remembered her former life, or at least what remained of it. Both her parents having fallen prey to Cora and Regina’s feud. Her father killed for aiding Alice; her mother for refusing to hand over Chelsea and Tarrant, who would've effectively given either queen "living keys" to the realms. And then of course, there was the eventual disappearance of said brother. Twenty-eight years gone and not even Chelsea buys the story that he simply would’ve taken off. Nor does she believe him dead; he can’t be. Like everyone else however, she has no proof and no way to find out for sure, lest she want to lose her memories yet again.

Follows history above/to current episodes 4x23 (OUAT) & Full Series (OUAT: in Wonderland.)

More TBA…
Disclaimer & Misc. Info
***Chelsea Nox is an original rp character based within the TV show world of Once Upon a Time. The character belongs to her creator/Mun who based her off different interpretations (book, film, etc.) of Lewis Carroll’s character. Chelsea is portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar but is in no way associated with Sarah Michelle Gellear.***

Warning: This journal may contain content not suitable for minors. Peoples under the age of 18 are advised to read this journal with caution.

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